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What are Amish Mud Sales?





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Amish Mud Sales in Lancaster County, PA

Planning for a one-of-a-kind shopping experience? Whether you're seeking second-hand goods or looking for local products, Amish Mud Sales feature an assortment of items and products with budget-friendly prices.

Amish Mud Sales are a Lancaster County original tradition and refer to annual auctions or sales of Amish goods at a number of local fire companies. The sales attract thousands of people looking for bargains on anything from Amish quilts and antiques to lumber, buggies and lawn equipment.

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What are Amish Mud Sales?

Mud sales, named for the condition of the thawing ground in late winter and early spring, are major fundraisers for the volunteer fire companies throughout Amish communities. They are huge events, sometimes drawing as many as 20,000 people, where everything from hand-stitched quilts (donated by the Amish women's groups) and locally-made crafts to livestock, furniture, produce, baked goods, antiques, housewares, even the kitchen sink are all up for bid. In a sight that may seem like organized chaos to novice mud sale visitors, six or seven auctions are conducted simultaneously as Amish and "English" mill together over the many items bound for the auction block.

When are Mud Sales Held?

In the past it was typically each Saturday from late February to mid-April; but now mud sales last throughout most of the year. Most sales begin at 8:00 or 8:30 AM sharp, with activities continuing until 2:00 to 3:00 PM for those who wish to catch a glimpse of some local color and enjoy sampling traditional Lancaster County farm fare.

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Featured Mud Sales Experiences

Good Eats

Whether bidding or just browsing, no mud sale experience is complete without a sampling of the hearty farm fare offered at every sale. On a chilly morning, warm up with some Pennsylvania Dutch chicken corn soup, a staple at every mud sale, or try a breakfast treat with a Pennsylvania Dutch sticky bun or funnel cake. The mud sales in Lancaster take on almost a community fair atmosphere. While bargains are to be had, so is the camaraderie, as folks come together to compare their winnings and share in the experience.

City Meets Country

With the variety of items and the unique heritage, the Pennsylvania Dutch Country mud sales provide patrons not only with bargains, but a sense of community and tradition. Inviting and never dull, the sales break down the divide between city and country, melting the two together to showcase the beauty of Lancaster County.

In a sight that may seem like organized chaos to novice mud sale visitors, six or seven auctions are conducted simultaneously.
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Visit a Lancaster County Mud Sale in 2024

Note: If the exact date is not listed, please check back for updated information, as this page will be revised throughout the year. Be sure to check the relevant website or phone number below for exact address and parking arrangements.

Winter Mud Sales

February 23rd & 24th | Strasburg Spring Consignment & Mud Sale
Strasburg Fire Company | 203 Franklin Street, Strasburg, PA 17572 | 717-687-7232

March 1st, 2nd & 16th | Bart Township Auction & Mud Sale

Bart Township Fire Company | 11 Furnace Road, Quarryville, PA 17566 | 717-786-3348

March 8th & 9th | Gordonville Spring Mud Sale & Auction

Gordonville Fire Company | Old Leaco*ck Road, Gordonville, PA 17566 | 717-768-3869

March 15 & 16th | Penryn Volunteer Fire Company Sale

Penryn Volunteer Fire Company | 1441 North Penryn Road, Manheim, PA 17545 | 717-664-2825

March 16th | Airville Volunteer Fire Company Sale

Airville Volunteer Fire Company | 3576 Delta Road, Airville, PA 17602 | 717-862-380

March 16th | West Earl Fire Company Quilt & Consignment Auction
West Earl Fire Company | 14 School Lane Avenue, Brownstown, PA 17508 | 717-989-5986

Spring Mud Sales

March 22nd | Farmersville Mud Sale
Farmersville Volunteer Fire Company | 74 East Farmersville Road, Ephrata, PA 17522 | 717-354-5094

March 22nd & 23rd | Gap Fire Company Mud Sale & Auction

Gap Fire Company | 802 Pequea Avenue, Gap, PA 17527 | 610-593-2480

April 6th | Robert Fulton Sale

Robert Fulton Volunteer Fire Company | 2271 Robert Fulton Highway (Rts 272 222), Peach Bottom, PA 17563 | 717-548-8995

April 12th & 13th | Rawlinsville Mud Sale

Rawlinsville Volunteer Fire Company | 33 Martic Heights Drive, Holtwood, PA 17532 | 717-284-3023

April 20th | Schoeneck Fire Company Mud Sale
Schoeneck Fire Company | 125 N. King St., Denver, PA 17517 | 717-336-6767

May 4th | Fivepointville Auction

Fivepointville Fire Company | 1087 Dry Tavern Road, Denver, PA 17517 | 717-445-4933

May 11th

| Honey Brook Quilt Sale & Consignment Auction
Honey Brook Fire Company Romano 4H Center | 1841 Horseshoe Pike, Honey Brook, PA 19344 | 610-273-2688

May 17th & 18th | Weaverland Valley Mud Sale

Weaverland Valley Fire Company Terre Hill Community Park, 210 Lancaster Avenue, Terre Hill, PA 17528 | 717-445-7066

June 8th | Kinzer Fire Company Mud Sale

Kinzer Volunteer Fire Company | 3521 Lincoln Highway East (Route 30), Kinzer, PA | 717-442-4121

Summer Mud Sales

June 27th & 28th | Lancaster County Carriage & Antique Auction
Bird-in-Hand Volunteer Fire Company | 313 Enterprise Drive, Bird in Hand, PA 17505 | 717-392-0112

June 21st & 22nd | Refton Fire Company Mud Sale

Refton Volunteer Fire Company | 99 Church Street, Refton, PA 17568 | 717-786-9462

August 9th & 10th | Gap Relief Auction

Solanco Fairgrounds | 172 South Lime Street, Quarryville, PA 17566 | 717-687-9470

August 24th | Bareville Fire Company Consignment Auction

Bareville Volunteer Fire Company | 211 East Main Street, Leola, PA 17540 | 717-656-7554

September 21st | Gordonville Fall Mud Sale & Auction

Gordonville Fire Company | Old Leaco*ck Road, Gordonville, PA 17566 | 717-768-386

Fall Mud Sales

October 26th | Cochranville Fire Company Mud Sale
Cochranville Volunteer Fire Company | 3135 Limestone Road Cochranville, PA | 610-593-5800

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Amish Mud Sales 2024 in Lancaster, PA | Discover Lancaster (2024)
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