How to Change Character in Rust (2024)

When you’ve been teleported to a dystopian environment where everything is trying to kill you, your character’s appearance is probably the last thing on your mind. But if you’re putting in all this work to survive, the least you can do is look good doing it, right? That’s precisely what we’ll discuss today: how to change your character in Rust.

This doesn’t just entail your character’s clothing but their clothing, gender, and race. If that’s something you’ve been looking for ever since the full game came out, this guide should serve as your final solution.

Guide To Change Character In Rust 2024

Changing your character in Rust isn’t as easy as opening a scroll wheel and picking out an outfit. It goes deeper than that because your Rust character is linked to your Steam account. Now, while playing with a new Rust character is entirely possible, you might need to go the extra mile. Here’s how:

  1. Firstly, you’ll need to log out of your current Steam account and register a new account.
  2. Use Steam Family Share to link the new Steam ID. This will allow all accounts linked via Steam Family Share to use the new character. Otherwise, you’ll need to play on an entirely fresh account.
  3. Check whether your Steam profile is set to Public. If not, change it.
  4. After that, right-click the Rust game icon and head to the Properties menu.
  5. Select Compatibility and make sure Rust is being run as administrator.
  6. Now that you’ve ensured Rust is running as an administrator, you need to right-click Rust again, this time in your Steam Library. Once you’re there, choose Launch Options.
  7. Finally, you must type in codes dictating your character’s appearance. Once you’ve entered these codes in the Launch Options, open the game using your new Steam ID and check out your new character.

This isn’t an official fix on changing your character in Rust, but more of a workaround to get the desired character. However, you should remember that you might not get the ideal character in your first go, meaning you’ll need to repeat the process multiple times to get the perfect character.

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Why Is Character Customization Not Allowed In Rust?

Now that you know that Rust doesn’t officially allow character customization, the first question that comes to mind is why? In a time when life simulation games allow you to change the tiniest detail about your character, why doesn’t Rust allow character customization?

This was answered by Garry Newman, owner of Facepunch Studios. He stated that Rust does not have character customization since it would simply waste time. Rust is a dystopian survival game where your skills are of more use to you than your looks. Following up, he mentioned that games would be much simpler if players had the same avatars throughout the entire game. Recognizing people would be much easier.

In Garry’s opinion, other games have let players run rampant with character customization, allowing them to change their entire character immediately. Removing the option of character customization and assigning everyone random avatars reduces toxicity and discrimination in-game. It also emphasizes that no one chooses their appearance in real life. It is an amazing commitment to keeping the game as close to real life as possible.

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How To Mod Your Rust Character Gender?

Like other games, many players have wondered if you can mod your Rust character’s gender. While we do not have an official option to mod character gender, you can find mods or plug-ins that allow you to do this from Rust discussions on modding forms.

It should be noted that wherever mods are concerned, you’re bound to find a handful that doesn’t work, some of which are extremely suspicious. Avoid those at all costs and go for mods with reviews from other players. Remember that these are not official methods; no third-party plug-in will give you access to change anything about your character’s appearance.

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How to Change Race In Rust?

We’ve talked about appearance, and we’ve talked about gender; now, the final part is about race, and the answer remains the same. With no character customization available in Rust, you cannot change your race once the random character has been generated. The only method to help determine your race beforehand is entering certain codes in the game’s Launch Options.

Even through that method, you might need to repeat it a few times to perfectly align all the character aspects you want. This is only worthwhile if you’re dissatisfied with how your character looks. Character attributes in Rust have zero impact on gameplay and survivability. The creators of Rust intentionally made it this way to reduce harassment players face in-game so that the only thing that sets people apart is their mechanics.

When players get random ethnicities and appearances, they are forced to stick with them, building a more diverse community of avatars since no option is picked less.


Now you know the game’s opinion on character customization and why you can’t change character in Rust. However, you can use the loopholes mentioned to get your ideal avatar if that is what you want, but it might be more tedious.

In the end, for a game like Rust, all that matters is whether you can make it on your own against the island’s sinister creatures or will succumb to the bloodthirsty wildlife that lurks in the shadows.


Is there Any Way to Change Your Character in Rust?

Yes, there is a way to change your character in Rust, but not without making a new Steam ID. You’ll need to go into the game’s Properties and input codes corresponding to certain physical traits for your character to look how you want. This is an unofficial method but is not a bannable offense.

Is Your Rust Character Permanent?

Rust’s characters are permanent for the entirety of the game. The game assigns everyone a random character when they start, and nothing about this character can be changed. The method for character customization works only before you start the game, and even then, it requires a lot of effort and work.

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How to Change Character in Rust (2024)
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