Ops Slang Meaning on Instagram: Definitions & Responses (2024)

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Ask for opinions or call out your opponent with “ops”

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While scrolling on Instagram, checking your friends’ Snapchats, or texting the group chat, you might see people write “Ops.” This slang term is usually used as an abbreviation for “Opinions,” though it can also mean “Opponent,” “Opposition,” or “Oops!” Follow along with us to learn what “Ops” means on social media and in texts, how to respond to it, and what it can stand for in other contexts.

Things You Should Know

“Ops” means “Opinions” on Instagram, Snapchat, and in texts. It’s a way for you to ask your friends about their thoughts on something or someone. “Ops” can also be short for “Opposition” or “Opponent.” It’s a playful way to refer to a friendly rival or competitor.

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Ops Meanings and Uses

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  1. 1

    “Ops” is short for “Opinions” on social media and in texts. When you want to get your friends’ opinions, text them “Ops” or caption your Instagram post or Snapchat story “Ops.” This slang term invites your friends to share their thoughts about something or someone, like an outfit you’re putting together, a new crush you have, or an episode of a TV show you all watch.[1]

    • “Ops on my outfit for tonight? I’m not sure if my shoes go with my pants. 🤔”
    • “I’m so glad you got to meet Reggie! What are your ops? 🤨”
    • “Give me your ops on Love Is Blind! I wasn’t expecting that twist! 😮”
  2. 2

    “Ops” is an abbreviation for “Opposition” or “Opponent” online. Posting that someone is your “Ops” on Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter is a playful way to say that they’re your rival or enemy. For instance, you might call your friend your “Ops” when you’re competing against each other in a video game or debating about your favorite movies.

    • “I love you in real life, but in the game, we’re ops 😤”
    • “You’re my ops if you don’t agree that Legally Blonde is the best movie ever. 😒”
    • “I think my cat likes you more than me 😅 We’re officially ops now. 😠”
    • Note: “Ops” can refer to someone you’re arguing with or dislike. Pay attention to context clues to determine if “Ops” is being used playfully or seriously.
    • “Ops” or “Opps” was popularized by rap and hip-hop music. It’s commonly used in songs to call out a rival, a snitch, or the police.[2]


  3. 3

    “Ops” is another way to write “Oops” in texts and online. When you make a silly mistake or accident, message your friends “Ops.” This is a casual way to own up to your error and apologize for any trouble you caused.[3]

    • “Ops, I didn’t mean to ruin the surprise! 😅 I’m so sorry!”
    • “I forgot to defrost the chicken, ops! 🙃 Dinner might take a bit longer, sorry!”
    • “I made a big ops and broke your mug, sorry! 😔 I’ll buy you a new one.”
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Responding to Ops

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  1. 1

    Share your thoughts respectfully when your friend wants your opinion. When your friend captions their Instagram or Snapchat story “Ops” to ask for your thoughts about something, give your opinion to them nicely. Be honest about what you think and why while being considerate of their feelings.[4]

    • Them: “Ops on the dress I should wear to the wedding? 👗”
      You: “Both of them are so cute! 😍 I like the green one the best though because it makes your eyes sparkle! ✨”
  2. 2

    Joke and tease your friend when they playfully call you their opponent. When you’re in a friendly competition or debate with your pal, tease them back when they call you their “Ops.” You might taunt them that you’re the best or that there’s no chance they’ll win over you.

    • Them: “Looks like you’re my ops in the race. Good luck, you’re going to need it! 😉”
      You: “We both know I’m faster, so try to keep up! 😛”
  3. 3

    Thank your friend for apologizing if they made a mistake. When a friend texts or messages you “Ops” to let you know about a small mistake or accident they made, thank them and accept their apology. If you were hurt or upset about their actions, let them know you feel to move on from the situation.[5]

    • Them: “Ops, I forgot to call you back yesterday! I’m so sorry 😕”
      You: “Thanks for saying sorry. I was a little hurt that you didn’t check in like you said you would, but I understand that you’re busy.”
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Other Meanings of Ops

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  1. 1

    Options While less common, “Ops” can be an abbreviation for “Options” in texts and on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. You might message your friends “Ops” to ask if they have any plans and what your choices are for hanging out.

    • “What are the ops for tonight? I’m thinking pizza and watching a movie! 🍕”
  2. 2

    Operations In the world of business, “Ops” is short for “Operations.” This typically refers to all the things a business owner does to keep their company running, like developing and selling products.[6]

    • “Thank you to our Ops team for ensuring our business runs smoothly at all times!”
    • In technology and software businesses, DevOps describes the ways a company works together to develop their product and improve the business.
  3. 3

    On-base percentage plus slugging If you’re a baseball fan, you might see the acronym OPS online, which stands for “On-base percentage plus slugging.” This is a statistic that describes how well a hitter reaches base and how well they hit the ball, on average.[7]

    • “Babe Ruth was an incredible baseball player who had an OPS of 1.16!”
  4. 4

    Office of Public Safety If you work at a university, hospital, government agency, or other institution, you might see OPS as an acronym for “Office of Public Safety.” This is a department that is dedicated to protecting people who work for the business.[8]

    • “Thanks to our OPS, we feel safe on campus!”
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Slang Terms Similar to Ops

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  1. TBH, or “To be honest,” is another way to ask for someone’s opinion. TBH is a slang acronym that stands for “To be honest.” On Instagram and Snapchat, people often make “TBH” posts to ask their friends and followers to share what they think about them.[9]

    • For instance, a friend might write, “Give me a TBH because I’m bored!” on their Instagram story. You typically respond to their story with a sweet “TBH,” like “TBH, you have the best style 🤩”

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