Stonecutter Dwarf Fortress (2024)

1. Stonecutter - Dwarf Fortress Wiki

  • 28 jan 2024 · Stonecutter is the skill associated with the stonecutting labor. Stonecutters are responsible for smoothing walls, carving walls into ...


2. Masterwork:Stonecutter - Dwarf Fortress Wiki

  • 24 dec 2013 · A stonecrafter's workshop is where stonecrafters create stone furniture from stone blocks. This includes items that cannot be made by the ...

  • v50 Steam/Premium information for editors

3. What the heck is "Stone Carving", and what the heck is "Mason" used for

4. Stonecutter - Dwarf Fortress Wiki

  • 30 jan 2024 · Камнетёс — навык, связанный с рабочей обязанностью stonecutting. Каменотёсы отвечают за сглаживание стен и изготовление каменных блоков в ...

5. Masterwork:Stonecutter - Dwarf Fortress Wiki

6. 0012103: The New Labor Names are Confusing - Dwarf Fortress Bug ...

  • 23 dec 2022 · It would help to have Stonecutter become Stone smoother (i.e: Novice stone smoother), and Stone carver become Stone mason (i.e: Novice stone ...

  • From the set of starting labours, there is the default "Stonecutters" labour, which I thought for a while was the ability to make furnitures at a Stoneworker station, but it ended up only affecting stone smoothing on the walls/floors.

7. Confusion around Jobs - Bay 12 Games

  • 11 dec 2022 · I am a bit confused with the stoneworking jobs changes. Is the following correct? Stonecutter make furniture at the stoneworkers Worshop

  • Confusion around Jobs

8. [Gnomoria] Like a very simplistic Dwarf Fortress. Anyone playing?

  • 2 jul 2012 · Somewhere out on the surface (I know, I know, but we're still early-game), build a Sawmill (to make planks), a Stonecutter (to make blocks), and ...

  • Good fun so far! My only issue is that dirt clods (seem to) fill up spaces in stockpiles, so it's damnably hard to set up useful stockpiles underground. Am I missing something obvious? You can make a dirt stockpile.

9. Stonecutter - Valheim Wiki - Fandom

  • Stonecutters are base structures used for crafting sharpening stones and building stone structures. Crafting requires a roof and 70% cover.

  • Stonecutters are base structures used for crafting sharpening stones and building stone structures. Crafting requires a roof and 70% cover. Building structures does not require roof or any cover. Crafting: Sharpening stone - used to make the Forge upgrade grinding wheel Building: Hearth Paved road Stone arch Stone floor 2x2 Stone pillar Stone stair Stone wall 1x1 Stone wall 2x1 Stone wall 4x2 Wisp fountain Portal stone

Stonecutter - Valheim Wiki - Fandom
Stonecutter Dwarf Fortress (2024)
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