Michigan Corrections Otis (2024)

1. Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS)

  • OTIS · OTIS Help · Escapee/Absconder Tips · MDOC's Most Wanted

  • Welcome to the Michigan Department of Corrections’ searchable database, which we call the Offender Tracking and Information System (OTIS). All of the records contained in OTIS are for prisoners and parolees who are CURRENTLY under the jurisdiction of the MDOC, as well as those serving a prison sentence but who are out on writ. Information about prisoners and parolees who have discharged from their sentences and who are not being currently supervised by, or under the jurisdiction of, the MDOC is not contained on OTIS.

2. Michigan Inmate Search: OTIS / MDOC Prison and MI Jail Lookup

  • Online Resources for Michigan Inmate Search. Search Using Free, State, and Private Online Resources.

3. Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS) - Offender Profile

4. Michigan Criminal Records Otis

  • The Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS) contains information about prisoners, parolees, and probationers who are currently under supervision, or who ...

  • The Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS) contains information about prisoners, parolees, and probationers who are currently under supervision, or who have been discharged but are still within three years of their supervision discharge date. It does not contain information about offenders who are beyond that three-year period.

5. Michigan Department of Corrections | Facebook - Facebook

  • 22 jun 2018 · Please note the Offender Tracking Information System (OTIS) WILL NOT be available for scheduled server maintenance starting at 7 p.m. today ...

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6. Wayne County Jail Inmate Information | Sheriff Connect

  • Address. 4747 Woodward Avenue Detroit, MI 48201. More Contact Information · info@sheriffconnect.com. Inmate Information. Visit Our Inmate Search Page. Jail ...

  • Wayne County Sheriff’s Office

7. OTIS Michigan - Offender Tracking Information System, MI

  • 4 jul 2023 · The Michigan Department of Corrections utilizes the OTIS tool to help people search Michigan offenders from its database. A Michigan OTIS ...

  • There are now countless online systems that have been created to help someone find information on people. There are also some which have been established for

8. Inmate Search | Berrien County, MI

  • US-12 Hwy., New Buffalo, MI 49117. Phone: (269) 756-9571 ext. 7024. site tools. share. Important Links · Southwest Michigan Human Trafficking Task Force.

  • Contact Us

9. 2024 Otis offender tracking system michigan 12004718-01-FC ...

  • 6 uur geleden · ... Michigan Prison Inmate Search. (MDOC Michigan Department of Corrections / OTIS). MDOC Michigan Department of Corrections – …OTIS is intended ...

Michigan Corrections Otis (2024)
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